Let’s face it, having to do meal prep for the week is very time consuming. Most people start their Sunday thinking about what needs to be accomplished prior to the start of the week. It takes away potential time that could’ve been spent doing other high value activities.

Two of the most daunting errands are cooking and grocery shopping. These tasks alone can take a couple of hours and leave you with even less time to enjoy the weekend.

That’s why Norma’s decided to provide Plant City with prepped meals. Our goal is not only to provide quality, convenient and healthy meals, but to give your precious time back to you! What first started in early 2019 as a concept, quickly turned in to one of Norma’s core services.

Meal Prep Service

Norma’s Chef, Andy Nassar creates a new menu every couple of weeks based on previous demand. Andy cooks everything fresh on Sunday and meals are ready for pick-up on the following Monday.

Currently, Norma’s is the only restaurant in Plant City providing this option for the locals. Customers have enjoyed this service so much that they continue to reorder throughout the year. Not only Plant City residents have enjoyed these meals, it has allowed Norma’s to position itself as a caterer to sport teams.

Healthy Catering

With our expertise handling different diet restrictions, Norma’s has catered to the XFL Vipers, Detroit Tigers, and other high-school teams. One of our partners, USF Men’s soccer is also a customer who relies on healthy pre-game meals throughout the season. If you’re looking for sports team catering, just contact us here.

Order Your Meal Prep

Hopefully this all sounds pretty good to you, and you are now ready to order! We take all of our prepped meal orders between Monday through Thursday. Order online, or give us a call. Once you have placed your order, we’ll get cooking over the weekend and your prepped meals will be available for pick-up the following Monday.

As a reminder, all of our prepped meals can go directly in the fridge and do not need to be frozen. Once you have your meals, you can easily heat it up in the microwave for 3 minutes and enjoy! If you have any other questions, please feel free to give us a call at (813) 704-6015 or email info@normascuban.com.